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Loft Insulation

An uninsulated roof can contribute to 25% of your homes heat loss. So if you have an uninsulated roof or loft space, fitting loft insulation is a great way to improve heat retention. 

A properly insulated home will not only save you money on heating bills but it can improve your home's energy efficiency rating, which will raise the value of the property. 


What Is Loft Insulation

Loft insulation is a barrier of material specifically designed for your roof space, installed between the joists or in the rafters. Insulating between joists will keep the living space below warm and the loft cold. Insulation in the rafters will keep both the living space below and the roof space warm. If you plan on using your loft as a storage space, insulating between the rafters is the better option.

Loft or roof insulation can last for more than 40 years. Not only will it reduce your bills, but it will also improve your home’s energy efficiency rating and increase your home’s value if you come to sell. The low cost of loft insulation versus the energy bill savings it generates means that the insulation will soon pay for itself.

What We Install

We install "ISOVER Space Saver" which is a high performance mineral wool insulation that is naturally strong and made from recycled materials.

*Adequate ventilation is required and will be installed if not present in the property.

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